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I’m Kirsty Allen

I’m the Candle Business Coach and I help candle makers with their mindset and business strategy

I’ve been a candle maker for a while now and during my journey I discovered that most candle makers come up against the same challenges and hurdles that I faced and was able to overcome


That’s why I became the Candle Business Coach – to help chandlers achieve their goals, and aspire for more with their life and business


I’ve now helped numerous candle makers with their candle businesses, making positive differences with their growth and goals

Now, I want to help you achieve your goals, one candle at a time

It takes more to grow a successful candle business than just blending wax and fragrance oil together

There’s business strategy, social media management, email marketing, pricing, wholesale and markets to explore as well

But you don’t have to be overwhelmed on your journey

And you don’t have to do it alone

Our Programs




A supportive and inclusive membership where you can transform and grow your candle business. Includes group coaching, expert guest speakers and daily support via our online community. Plus resources, guides, templates, journals and planners to explode your business


Online Course


A candle business course designed for candle makers to get you out of planning and thinking, and into action so you can generate more income, make a bigger impact for yourself and your family, and enjoy more freedom in your business and life

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