Hey there, friend!

I’m Kirsty Allen, the Candle Business Coach.

I’m a candle maker, business owner, Mum of 3 and kindness advocator.

I’m also the host of the Candle Business Coach podcast.

I’ve been a candle maker for a while now and during my journey I discovered that most candle makers come up against the same challenges and hurdles that I faced and was able to overcome.

That’s why I became the Candle Business Coach – to help chandlers achieve their goals, and aspire for more with their life and business.

I’ve now helped numerous candle makers with their candle businesses, making positive differences with their growth and goals.

I want the same and more for you!


Just wanted to let you know, that in the short amount of time since I discovered your biz & podcast, I finally felt motivated to get out of my slump. I have been accepted to a (well known) local market & just received a wholesale order for custom candles. It was just what I needed so THANK YOU!!!

Your podcast has already boosted my confidence, reignited my passion to work at this and get it right. It’s created a space for me to feel like I’m not the only one with insecurities about my products, but proven that can be overcome with hard work and persistence, so thank you. You’ve already made a difference in someone’s life!

You have helped me grow my business in more ways than I can explain. I will forever be thankful for your constant kind words of support and for your willingness to help in any way you could. You are so good at what you do and I am so glad that I have got the chance to e-meet you 🙂